CGD Seminar Series

All seminars are at 11:00 AM MT Tuesday mornings in the NCAR Mesa Lab Main Seminar Room unless otherwise noted. (Seminars will be conducted via Zoom during the NCAR building closures)

You can also view the seminar on the CGD YouTube page
A direct link will be added before the seminar starts

2020-2021 Seminars

CGD Seminar Series information coming soon, please check back at a later date

Date Speaker Seminar Info
15-Sept-2020 Sanjiv Kumar, Auburn University The GLACE-Hydrology Experiment: Effects of Land-Atmosphere Coupling on Soil Moisture Variability and Predictability
22-Sept-2020 Zane Martin, Colorado State University The relationship between the Madden-Julian oscillation and the quasi-biennial oscillation: Observations and GCM modeling
29-Sept-2020 Hannah Zanowski, University of Colorado Boulder Arctic Freshwater Storage and Export in CMIP6 Models
6-Oct-2020 Darryn Waugh, Johns Hopkins University Revisiting trends in southern hemisphere westerlies and their impact on the oceans
13-Oct-2020 Nachiketa Acharya, Columbia University Does Non-Gaussian Calibration Improve Multi-Model Seasonal Forecasts?
20-Oct-2020 Nathan Mueller, Colorado State University Adapting agriculture to climate change
27-Oct-2020 Robert Jnglin Wills, University of Washington Slow Modes of Global Temperature Variability in Regions of Weak Radiative Feedbacks
3-Nov-2020 Lantao Sun, Colorado State University Title coming soon...
10-Nov-2020 Clara Deser and Adam Phillips, NCAR "Assessing Climate Variability and Change with the new Climate Variability Diagnostics Package for Large Ensembles"
17-Nov-2020 Kathy Gunn, University of Miami Title coming soon...
1-Dec-2020 Dan Whitt, NCAR Title coming soon...
8-Dec-2020 AGU, No Seminar
15-Dec-2020 AGU, No Seminar
5-Jan-2021 Paulette Blanchard, University of Kansas Title coming soon...
12-Jan-2021 AMS, No Seminar
19-Jan-2021 Deepak Cherian, NCAR Title coming soon...
26-Jan-2021 Carlos Martinez
2-Feb-2021 Scott Bachman and Gustavo Marques, NCAR Title coming soon...
23-March-2021 Boulder County Schools Spring Break, No Seminar

Past Seminars

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